Canvas Corners Props Packages

The “Engine Company Training Prop” is an expandable, collapsible training prop designed to build hose-line management skills & SAR training.

Package One $5475

This package contains 6 adjustable hinged hangers and 12 non- adjustable straight hangers. This group allows you to create virtually any scenario you can imagine from a “T” that includes two 90 degree corners, a “T” with a 180 degree angle, to a 48’ straight hallway with a 90 degree turn at the end.

Package Two $3200

This package comes with 4 adjustable hinged hangers and 5 non- adjustable straight hangers. It allows you to create a 180 degree hallway that simulates a commercial hallway and challenges crews with two friction point, you will also be able to create a 90 degree corner with a 16’ inside/outside wall entering or exiting the corner. Package Two will also allow you to build a 24’ straight hallway.

Package Three $2075

Package Three contains 2 adjustable hinged hangers and 4 non- adjustable straight hangers. This package allow you to create an adjustable 90 degree angle with an inside and outside wall, or utilizing a building, fence, etc. you can work in a “T” hallway. This package is an economical way to simulate a hard corner or a 16’ straight hallway. Additionally with this set-up you can create a 180 degree but you will not have your outside wall.

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